Retreat 1


Retreat 1

A retreat for the whole family with an offer for children, parents and the whole family

We want to give everybody an opportunity to be on themselves but also have a playful time together.



Price incl. all meals, snacks, activity's, accomodation in family room, insurance. Excl. drinks outside the meals

Early bird till 15.04

3 - 6 year    € 100

6 - 18 year   € 120

+ 18 year     € 150

After 15.04.18

3 - 6 year     € 120

6 - 18 year    € 140

+ 18 year        € 170

Last registrations 10.06.2018 or until full

Limited places - registration is only confirmed after payment -

No refunds after 10.06.2018



Registrations with Valerie or Ilse;  certified kids & adults yoga and family acroyoga teachers :


The Program 

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Price incl. all meals, snacks, activity's, accommondation in family room, insurance. Excl. drinks outside the meals




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summer retreats

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Family AcroYoga summer-retreat  2019

We invite you to join this family retreat with your children to learn Family AcroYoga, yoga and massage.

Family AcroYoga is a playful union of yoga, acrobatic and games. Family AcroYoga provides a time and space for kids and their parents to play and have fun together.


DATES: 27 July – 2th of august

Arrival at 3pm - Departure: 1th of august- 2pm

OM SHANTI, Granollers, Barcelona.


Omshanti Yoga Studio Ca l'Estanoc, s/n, 08400 Les Vallès Franqueses, Barcelona, Spain


Direction train from Barcelona airport.



Tatjana t’Felt, Mireia Castellsague and Esther Hertog.


Tatjana t’Felt loves AcroYoga and she loves kids and families. This is the combination that made her
develop Family AcroYoga in Belgium. Tatjana is a certified AcroYoga teacher.
She has been teaching yoga, movement and dance for many years. Tatjana has also
been teaching Ashtanga Yoga in Copenhagen for seven years. Becoming a mother,
she devoted her classes and interest to kids. She has been teaching kids and
parents classes in capoeira and gymnastic. Tatjana has organized several Family
AcroYoga retreats for families in Spain, Sweden and Denmark. She teaches Family
AcroYoga workshops in Belgium, France, Malta, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
Tatjana lives and teaches in Brussels, Belgium.



Esther Hertog is an AcroYoga and Vinyasa yoga teacher - and filmmaker. Since a young age Esther has worked with children in many different settings and always with great pleasure. In 2006 she started training in AcroYoga and acrobatics. In 2010 she became both certified
as a Vinyasa yoga teacher and as an AcroYoga teacher, in 2017 she did a kids yoga teacher training. Because of her experience and love for working with kids, it was a natural development for her to teach AcroYoga also to families.
In 2009 she was one of the first in the world to do so. Esther’s aim with Family Acroyoga is to enhance bonding and playfulness within families and make AcroYoga accessible for everyone; for small and big, young and old as she believes that everyone can fly!

Read more about Esther here:



Started practicing yoga when she was 21. Has been teaching kids and adults since 2006. She is a special education teacher and waldorf kindergarten teacher and has been teaching Yoga for kids teacher trainings since 2012. Became an AcroYoga teacher in 2010 and
has been passionate about practicing and sharing the practice ever since. With her family she owns a Yoga retreat center near Barcelona since 2007 and organizes the Barcelona Yoga Conference since 2010, an international yoga festival with 1.000 people attending each year. She also organizes acrobatic conventions and acroyoga festivals in Barcelona. She is involved with the AcroYoga International Teacher trainings and teaches and travels around the world.


Registration will open January 2019. Save the dates now.